Finde den richtigen Master 2

The Master’s question

Anna-Magdalena Druško,

Anyone wishing to continue studying after completing a Bachelor’s has to address the Master’s question: how to proceed and where? FH JOANNEUM is a promising option.

Two years and 120 ECTS. This is the average duration of a Master's degree course at FH JOANNEUM. During this time, students develop their skills, pursue their interests and receive valuable input from business and industry.

Broad range of courses

Not every Bachelor's degree can be combined with every Master's program. Nevertheless, there are many options that you might not think of at first: a Bachelor's degree in IT can be the first step towards a Master's degree in Design and graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Technology are also admitted to a Master's degree in Management.

Continue with purpose

Don't know which Master's degree you can do with which Bachelor's degree? Our study finder will help you! It is always available on our homepage. Simply enter your requirements and interests in the drop-down menu and you will receive a personalized list of possible Master's courses at FH JOANNEUM.

Bachelor - and then?

With a Master's degree, you can deepen your skills and abilities and hone your individual skills profile. In our podcast "Ready, Study, Go!", the Student Advisory Service provides answers about studying. In one episode, Sophie Kappel looks at the Master's options at FH JOANNEUM.