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International Industrial Management (PT)

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Study part-time

With mandatory attendance on Friday afternoons and on Saturdays, the programme is designed so that students can combine work with study. Students particularly value the opportunity to work on practical projects in small groups, and to network with teaching staff and colleagues from other companies.

Study mode

Courses take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The academic year starts in mid-September and ends in mid-July. This helps to reduce the weekly workload of our students and helps them integrate the course into their private and professional lives. The fourth semester involves only few lectures at the start of the semester as our students will primarily be working on their Master’s thesis.


The amount of self-study always depends on the student’s own level of commitment and ambition.


An 80% attendance level is required in all courses. Should a student’s attendance fall below this level then they will be required to complete extra work in order to make up for this absence. The head of degree programme will determine the form this extra work will take, e.g. an additional seminar paper. Where there is any ambiguity, the head of institute will decide on exceptions to the attendance requirement. Furthermore, students may be excused from the 80% attendance rule for medical reasons when a medical certificate is provided.