Johannes Holzinger

26, from Styria, half Filipino, musician (piano and singing), amateur chef, loves to travel; exchange semesters in France and Brazil, foreign languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish


Key data

Job description: Product Management Intern
Company: L’Oréal Österreich GmbH
I work in: Am Europlatz 3, 1220 Wien
I’ve worked here since: August 2018
My contact

What I do

As a fully-fledged member of the marketing team of the professional hair care brand L’Oréal Professionnel I am in charge of a variety of different tasks, ranging from strategy development for new products, through operative tasks, such as the analysis of sales figures, the designing and realization of promotional material such as brochures, packaging, videos and the website, to taking care of customers.

Why I love my job

In my job I especially appreciate three things: team spirit, individual responsibility and creativity. Most of the time, huge projects can only be dealt with in a team, which is why at L’Oréal great emphasis is put on team spirit. It is precisely here that I could benefit from the team experience gained throughout my studies at FH Joanneum. Moreover, I am also fully accountable for the realization of my tasks, which adds meaning and thrill to what I am doing! Finally, I am particularly excited that each and everyone gets the chance to foster their very talents. In that sense, I am encouraged to make use of my creativity whenever possible.

Important skills in my job

When you are working in marketing, you should bring along a lot of stress resistance. In such a dynamic environment you need to have the capability to keep cool even if one deadline comes on top of another. In terms of strategy development, it is important to develop a sensitivity for the needs and tastes of your target groups, as well as an understanding for the market in general. Moreover, rather a prerequisite than a skill is a passion for marketing. As mentioned before, it is indispensable to be able to work in teams.

The best experiences in my job

One of my biggest successes so far has been undoubtedly my team’s national win of the L’Oréal Brandstorm, the world’s biggest marketing competition for students. It is not least thanks to that that I landed my current position at L’Oréal! But at work also, I get to regularly reap the rewards for my work, such as for the successful conception and realization of a 360° promotional plan for the rollout of a new app. Moreover, what I find particularly fulfilling is whenever new promotional material that we have worked on for weeks is delivered to our office!

How I found my current job

In the course of marketing classes during the last semester we were encouraged by our tutor to participate in the L’Oréal Brandstorm. There, I could get to know the company at first hand and establish a first contact. Subsequently I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the marketing department of a world-class company, so I decided to apply for my current position. I never regretted it!

What I learned for this job during my studies at FH JOANNEUM:

Apart from the invaluable theoretical input I especially benefit from the soft-skills that have been conveyed in the realm of the program. Since I had the chance to get to know both the teaching at a “regular” university and the one at FH Joanneum, I can say with wholehearted conviction that FH Joanneum is the front-runner in terms of practical orientation: A variety of projects with real firms enabled us to train and fine-tune soft-skills, such as the capacity for team work, organizational and presentation skills. It is not least thanks to a well-chosen range of experienced lecturers coming from the private economy that students get a sense of what it is like “out there”, which definitely facilitated my entry into working life. By means of a relatively low number of participants it is ensured that every student receives adequate mentoring, allowing for a very familiar environment.

Job prospects in my field

I feel very comfortable in the world of marketing, which is why I strive for a position as brand manager or product manager. My tasks would therefore be the establishment and fostering of a brand and/or a product. In the long run, there is a chance to become a marketing manager, who oversees and strategically leads all of a brand’s marketing departments. And who knows, maybe I will end up becoming self-employed one day!

I am

Down-to-earth, well-organized, creative, likeable, pragmatic, empathetic, self-confident

About my job

I can only repeat how much I love my job! So far, there has not been a single day where I had to “force” myself to go into the office and time flies by so fast, which is a good sign. I especially like the fact that I can get involved precisely in the fields that I have a talent for. Moreover, I enjoy the openness among colleagues – something I love and only know too well from my time at FH Joanneum!