Martin Proprentner

I have spent many years living in Beijing and Hong Kong while working around the world optimizing corporate business processes. Countless experiences later I decided to move back to beautiful Austria and work as productivity enhancer.


Key data

Job description: Senior Consultant & Productivity Enhancer
(Previous: Global Head of Business Process Management)
Company: Czipin Produktivitätssteigerungs-GmbH
(Previous: VAN THIEL & CO.)
I work in: Vienna
I’ve worked here since: 2019
My contact

What I do

I fight passionately for what I believe in but remain open to learning and growing. I am committed to connect people striving for creativity and innovation, to lead with empathy and inspire myself and others to make a significant difference, personally and professionally. I set priorities and there is always extra time for family and loved ones, healthy activities, and good old-fashioned fun.

Why I love my job

Facing new challenges and meeting interesting people every single day. Working in a team with passionate people where everybody is committed to excellence.

Important skills in my job

  • Dedication
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Being a good listener
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • MS Excel
  • Digital transformation
  • Agile project management

The best experiences in my job

Working together with huge names in many industries and experience that no matter how well it goes, there is always a way to improve further.

How I found my current job

I found my current Job via a standard recruitment process but for my previous Job as ‘Global Head of Business Process Management’ studying MIG was key since the company specifically recruited within this small group of alumni.

What I learned for this job during my studies at FH JOANNEUM:

  • Team work
  • Cross-cultural experiences #StudyAbroad
  • To go home when the work is done and not when the bell rings – no matter how late it is
  • Legal, managerial and financial basics
  • Tools for business process analyzation
  • Interpersonal management

Job prospects in my field

I do not see any limitation

I am

I try to define myself via 8 core values:

  • Integrity & Trust
  • Family & Friendship
  • Sharing
  • Tradition
  • Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning
  • Dedication

About my job

In my profession, I focus on developing and optimizing corporate-wide operations by creating strategic and sustainable change throughout all departments of the organization. This goes hand in hand with people management, internal & external business communication, process digitalization as well as managing the development and implementation of information systems.