Sophie Mlynar

23, from Vienna / Lower Austria, fashion school graduate, au pair in Zurich, semester abroad in Singapore, internship in Hamburg at, loves badminton, squash and kickboxing fitness, hobby-baker and travel enthusiast


Key data

Job description: Customer Experience Associate
Company: Accenture
I work in: Dublin, Ireland
I’ve worked here since: 14th January, 2019
My contact

What I do

I work for Accenture Ireland on a project with one of the largest search engine providers in the world. In the customer experience area, I look after customers from the DACH area who use online marketing tools of this search engine provider.

Why I love my job

It's a lot of fun to work on new cases every day and thus to face new challenges. Every day I learn something new. I also love being in contact with the customers, especially if they are satisfied with my performance and when I have the feeling to really have made an impact.

Important skills in my job

  • patience and joy to deal with customers
  • outgoingness
  • interest in online marketing
  • positive attitude towards challenges
  • stress resistance

The best experiences in my job

Since I only started in January, nothing extraordinary yet. Just to survive the application and onboarding process and to complete the hard training in the first weeks is already great for me, as the passing percentage was 80% per exam.

How I found my current job

Via LinkedIn: After graduation, I updated my LinkedIn profile and indicated that I am open to job opportunities. After a short time, some recruiters from various companies contacted me. Among others, one from Accenture in Dublin. After an intensive application process, consisting of several interviews, I got the job. And here I am.

What I learned for this job during my studies at FH JOANNEUM

For me, one of the main things would be the soft skills. Moreover, dealing with other cultures, which was especially shaped during my semester abroad in Singapore. Furthermore, a strengthened self-confidence in dealing with customers due to many projects with externals / companies, as well as presentation skills. Not to forget the economic way of thinking and working approach. Especially for the job at Accenture, I would additionally mention the online marketing lecture on search engine marketing, which was also the topics of my first bachelor thesis.

Job prospects in my field

After just a few months there are opportunities to ascend and deal with high-value customers or even become a team leader. Not to mention that due to the knowledge that I gained and will further achieve about one of the most sought-after online marketing tools today, can help me achieve a career in online marketing easily.

I am

  • motivated / determined
  • helpful
  • curious
  • organized
  • open to criticism
  • team player

About my job

I'm curious what the future holds.