Jasper van Riet, MSc & Martin Wieffering, MSc

Jasper van Riet and Martijn Wieffering came from the Netherlands to study Energy and Transport Management in Kapfenberg. Now they are both working as project engineers at IVU Traffic Technologies Austria GmbH.


Key data

Job description: Project Engineer
Company: IVU Traffic Technologies Austria GmbH
We work in: Vienna, Austria
I’ve worked here since: Martijn Wieffering (MW): 2021, Jasper van Riet (JR): 2022

What we do:

  • Project management
  • Customer support
  • Accountant manager for IVU bus & rail customers in the EU with the focus on Austria
  • Technical support for sales events and meetings

Why we love our jobs:

  • Variety of different tasks
  • Small team
  • Combination of mobility and IT
  • Client contacts
  • International multilingual cooperation
  • Important skills in our jobs:
  • Analythical thinking
  • Learning ability and willingness
  • Traffic knowledge
  • IT basics
  • Communication skills

My biggest accomplishment so far:

MW: So far I did not have one big highlight. For me it’s more about the strong variety between the different tasks and the multilingual collaboration with various departments and people.

JR: For me, my accomplishment is my development within the company and the increasing responsibilities I take on. Moreover, I am proud of the international projects in Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria. One success was the installation of a charge management system at a client in Ireland.

How I found my current job:

MW: I happened to come across an already closed job opportunity from IVU on LinkedIn for the IVU location in Vienna. I decided to contact IVU to apply for this already closed position anyway. The application process then consisted of two interviews via online video call and a personal interview at the office in Vienna.

JR: Martijn Wieffering who was already working at the company told me that they had vacancies at the company, so I applied for the job on the website.

What I learned for this job during my studies:

MW: During my studies I acquired organisational skills and logical thinking in a broader (international) context for public transport and the knowledge about IT systems for different stakeholders.

JF: For my jobs in specific the basics in the IT (Python and SQL) help me a lot when I am dealing with support topics where I have to work with databases. Additionally, the project at FH with international students gave me a lot of extra experience and insight on how to solve problems. In my job I see that every public transport company is working differently and that there are small and big differences according to the region.

Job prospects in our field:

IVU is always looking for new, motivated employees. For our location in Austria Vienna (but also at other international locations) there are several open positions for different roles within IVU. Starting at IVU as a career starter and graduate is a very pleasant step (speaking from experience). A good onboarding programme will enable you to get off to the right start at IVU in your own area of responsibility.

I am:


  • Organized
  • structured and
  • happy to work internationally (multilingual)

JR * good at analysing problems, * good at coordinating projects * fluent in three languages

About my job:

JR: I liked public transport since I was a small boy. That’s why I really like to work in this branch. Within my job I have a nice mixture of IT and the whole package of public transport. At the moment I still want to stay in this branch. For the future I don’t have big plans at the moment, as I am very happy with my job.

MW: My goal for the future is to continue working in the world of (public) transport. It is important for me that my work is meaningful and contributes to the improvement of sustainable mobility in Europe. Working with a very good team of colleagues at a national and international level for many different customers gives me pleasure and helps me to stay committed to IVU and the challenges ahead every day.


As a tip for students and future graduates: take a good look around the industry to see what different companies there are and ask all the people who do something in the industry if they can give you more information about the field and what they do.