Herwig Fartek BSc, MSc

Herwig Fartek is responsible for project controlling, acquisition and technical solutions at Spath MicroElectronicDesign GmbH.


Key data

Job description: Project management

Company Spath MicroElectronicDesign GmbH, I’ve worked here since 2017.

Contact: E-Mail

What I do:

I have a diverse area of responsibility which includes: * Controlling of all ongoing projects including allocation of work packages – reporting to management * Technical employee for assigned projects (concept, requirement specification, functional specification, prototype development) * Acquisition and marketing (visiting trade fairs, cluster events)

Why I love my job:

The key factors are the friendly environment at the organisation and the possibility to flourish and work independently within one’s field of responsibility. Meds places great emphasis on staff development and further training opportunities, an option which I use extensively.

You also feel valued as an employee in other fields, for example we can make an active contribution to redesigning the appearance and premises of the company. The only minor negative I can think of at the moment is the difficult situation regarding parking spaces and the location of the company but this will be changing soon anyway.

Important skills in my job:

  • Self-confident manner and responsibility
  • Technical training at an embedded level – we primarily develop hardware and software solutions at an embedded level which is why an understanding of electronic circuits is required. However the application software is usually provided by the customer.
  • Good German and English – 90 % of our customers come from the German-speaking region. However documentation is prepared in English.

My greatest success so far:

To date, I have been most impressed by starting work after finishing my studies. I didn’t realise that starting a job could be so easy, but I must say that great confidence was shown in me from the outset. After just 3 weeks, I was given responsibility for over 100 development vehicles. Although I was somewhat insecure at the start, my line manager supported me with any concerns so that I was able to integrate very quickly and achieve a great deal.

Job prospects in my field:

I have been actively involved in looking for new employees so I know that there are more jobs than qualified people in the Graz region. The boom of the R&D sector in Styria and the city of Graz mean that more engineers and developers are needed than are available. Usually you get a job offer before finishing your studies.

I am:

  • responsible and committed
  • socially-minded and helpful
  • interested in new techniques


Many people say that your study days are the best days of your life but for me, the best came with my job. When you feel enthusiastic about your job, it is more of a pleasure than a chore. Having a very varied job is very important for me; I could never be enthusiastic about programming for 8 hours every day. I have the opportunity to be involved with new technologies, whether at big companies or start-ups. The mix of automotive, medical and industrial engineering is also very exciting. If you choose a technical course, there are lots of interesting opportunities available afterwards. Having a Master’s degree is important, however. You shouldn’t just stop at a Bachelor’s.