Florian Gratzer

My internship at the Municipality of Kapfenberg.


Key data:

Job description: Software Developer
Company: Municipality of Kapfenberg
Place: Kapfenberg, Austria
I did my internship from February to May 2015
My contact

What I did:

Configuration of Raspberry Pis as thin clients Design / development of a central management tool for thin clients Compilation of batch files for active directory logging

Why I enjoyed my internship:

My work at the Municipality of Kapfenberg was very varied and interesting. The main project on ‘Raspberry Pis as thin clients’ was a very important undertaking for the Municipality of Kapfenberg because it led to enormous savings in energy and maintenance costs. During my internship, I was well integrated and fully involved in the work processes.

What I learned:

  • Linux skills
  • Compilation of batch files
  • Independent working

My biggest success / My greatest experience:

When I identified the crucial error which was causing the Raspberry Pis to crash. After eliminating this error, the thin clients have been running error-free.

How I secured the internship:

I enquired at the HR office of the Municipality of Kapfenberg to see whether it would be possible, in principle, for a student from FH JOANNEUM to complete a vocational internship there. I then received a call from the head of the IT and Service department to tell me that they were developing a special project just for me.

What I want to do in the future:

It was clear to me that a broad-based course, such as the Internet Technology programme at FH JOANNEUM, would be useful to me in the long-term. By expanding your knowledge, you can have success in any field of IT. It is also important to me to continue working for the region because my ties with the area were further increased by my work with the Municipality of Kapfenberg.