Ing. Manuel Lamb BSc

Manuel Lamb plans, designs, implements and tests new software components.


Key data

Job description: Software architect / developer
Company: Jungheinrich Systemlösungen GmbH
I work in: Graz, Austria
I’ve worked here since 2012
My contact

What I do

I plan, design, implement and test new software components. And I make changes to the code base.

Why I love my job

I enjoy working with a team to find solutions to problems as well as implementing larger-scale projects with customers over a longer period of time, plus the flexible organisation of working hours.

Important skills in my job

  • Enjoying technical work
  • Team skills
  • Independent working

My biggest accomplishment so far

I started out in my job without any work experience straight after secondary school. After completing a short period of training and a few small activities, I was assigned the task of working on the development of a new interface technology in the team alongside an experienced colleague. I will always remember that queasy feeling in my stomach and the unbelievable sense of joy and relief when this development was used in a customer project for the first time. This kind of interface will continue to be applied in new customer projects.

How I found my current job

While completing the last stage of my studies at the HTBLA Kaindorf technical college, I was approached by numerous companies. After my school leaving examination, I wrote a few applications and received some positive responses. The deciding factor was a conversation with a friend who advised me to go for a job with her company.

What I learned for this job during my studies

If you are already working in the IT sector while studying at university, the course content may initially appear almost ‘utopian’ and far away from reality – the gap between theory and practice seems enormous. However if you then start to bring these design, implementation and testing approaches into line with older technologies and methods, you can begin to incorporate the techniques into your everyday working life. This promotes the ability to think in different ways and produces a quality end product.

Job prospects in my field

In the IT sector, especially in software architecture and development, we are in the privileged position that, for good candidates, the supply of jobs vastly outstrips demand. This means that jobseekers are lucky to have a wide range of different options to choose from. After completing studies in IT, you can therefore choose between a range of options in development, network technology, project management etc. – the qualification is suited to a wide range of job roles.

I am

  • determined
  • ambitious
  • eager to learn

About my job

I have been living with a congenital eye disease since childhood. I still suffer from this today and am now almost entirely blind. It was for this reason that I chose to continue my training at the HTBLA Kaindorf technical college after finishing general secondary school, with the aim of working in the IT sector later in life. After graduating from the technical college, I had the choice of continuing my studies further or entering the job market as a developer. I wanted to earn my own money as well as furthering my expertise and so I chose to do both and began a part-time course in Software Design. To be honest, it’s never been a matter of striving for any particular career or job but rather grasping the opportunities which come my way during the course and work experience. I would like to stress that it really is worth pursuing this combined route. On the one hand, you can continue your education and expand your horizons at university. And on the other, you have the chance to acquire valuable work experience which will secure you a wider range of job offers, a higher salary and greater flexibility.

I am currently studying

IT Law & Management at FH JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg

I continued my studies because ...

As an engineer, you often tend to view situations only from a technical angle. The economic aspect is often overlooked. With this Master’s course, I want to learn to think in different ways.

How I made studying compatible with my job

Since 2012, I have generally been working part-time (24 hours) but also full-time during holiday periods. It would be very difficult to accept a permanent full-time position during my studies because something would have to give. The advantage of this approach is that you can fully concentrate on your work from Monday to Wednesday and then spend the rest of the week focusing on your studies.