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What is Software Design?


A world without the Internet is now unimaginable – everything is connected. And this brings constant challenges for IT specialists. We prepare you to meet these challenges, turning you into experts in state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

We teach you about computer and network technologies, new media, operating systems, software engineering, software design, databases, digital business processes, e-business, IT law and IT quality management. You will develop your business, linguistic and social skills here with us, as well as collaborating on many projects. Our direct cooperation with companies in industry and business encourages a practical approach to problem solving.

The course is organised on a part-time basis, combining an excellent academic education alongside career and family. Up to 60% of the degree programme is taught via e-learning, using modern, multi-media instruction and learning techniques. Consequently, for the majority of their studies, students are not required to be physically present on campus. You only need to attend FH JOANNEUM for a maximum of two Fridays and two Saturdays per month.

Those completing their compulsory military or civil service can begin the Software Design degree programme on a part-time basis, and swap over to full-time study on the Internet Technology programme after the first or second semester.

What will I learn?

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Software Design offers solid basic training in software. We teach you the fundamental technological principles of systems and networks. You will become familiar with a wide variety of operating systems, learn to use different network technologies, and gain an understanding of database architectures. Your education covers the complete software lifecycle: from object-oriented programming and server programming through to writing software for user interfaces. We turn you into a professional developer of needs-based software.

Web and Cloud Technologies / Cluster and Server Technologies

An important part of your training involves the practical and secure use of clouds and networks. You will learn about the various technologies hidden behind the terms web, cloud, cluster and server in depth, and how they work. Software engineering, cloud computing, usability and configuration management will play a decisive role in the future of the ICT industry. You will learn to create innovative ICT solutions, making you an invaluable resource for employers.

Online Marketing and IT Law

You will study online marketing and its relevant areas of application, with a particular focus on social media. Global communication, user-generated content and multi-media content are the main subject areas, supplemented by topics on community and business. You will also study the legal principles of e-business including domain names, e-commerce law, copyright law, digital signature law, etc.

Study mode, self-study and attendance

Study mode

Our part-time Bachelor’s degree programme is compatible with career and family. The high proportion of e-learning and consequent freedom to work anywhere is a key advantage. You only spend one or two weekends a month at FH JOANNEUM – the rest of the time you study online.

Lectures are scheduled for Thursdays, from 18:00 to 22:00, Fridays from 14:00 to 22:00, and Saturdays from 08:30 to around 17:00. Your time is divided between attending lectures and online study units: Thursdays are principally taught online, Fridays and Saturdays are split between classroom teaching and online units.

Face-to-face dates spring term 2020:

  • 21 02 and 22 02 2020
  • 06 03 and 07 03 2020
  • 03 04 and 04 04 2020
  • 24 04 and 25 04 2020
  • 15 05 and 16 05 2020
  • 05 06 and 06 06 2020
  • 26 06 and 27 06 2020

Face-to-face dates fall term 2020/21:

  • 25 09 and 26 09 2020
  • 02 10. and 03 10 2020
  • 16 10. and 17 10 2020
  • 06 11 and 07 11 2020
  • 11 12 and 12 12 2020
  • 22 01 and 13 01 2021
  • 05 02 and 06 02 2021

The part-time structure of the course also meets the needs of those completing their compulsory military and civil service: you can start the Software Design degree programme on a part-time basis, parallel with your compulsory service, and swap over to full-time study on the Internet Technology programme after the first or second semester.


The amount of self-study always depends on the student’s own level of commitment and ambition.


Attendance is compulsory during the specified attendance times. Students are excused in cases of illness after producing a medical certificate from a doctor. Final judgement on the implications of absence and on exceptions to the attendance requirement will be made by the head of institute.