Content Strategy
Department of Media & Design

Content Strategy


The web has turned companies into media companies. As a result, there is a need for first-class content strategists. Our part-time degree course is the first academic programme in Europe which trains students for this role. Join us and help establish content strategy as a discipline for the methodical development of web content in the German-speaking world.
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What you will learn:

Usability and user experience design

Online marketing & PR

Change management

Online editing

Content management

Monitoring and controlling

Did you know, …

… that you are taught by leading content specialists?

Through your studies, you are well connected in the world of content strategy.

Did you know, …

… that content strategy is becoming increasingly important?

In a digital world, Content Strategy is essential.

Did you know, …

… that you study connected and online?

This programme not only deals with online communication, it also takes place largely online.

Did you know, …

… that your fellow students are successful communications experts?

Here you learn not only through the courses, but also from the community.

Did you know, …

… that this programme is international?

The courses are taught in English, and the students and teachers come from all over the world.

Did you know, …

… that the programme is designed to be easily combined with a job in digital communications or the media?

The high proportion of e-learning reduces attendance on campus.