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Internships - periods of work experience - alternate with theoretical teaching throughout the degree course and make up at least 25 per cent of the workload in the six semesters. During their internships the students apply theoretical course content in practical settings, thus continuously and progressively consolidating and extending their knowledge.

Our students choose where they carry out their internships according to the stage of training they have reached. Each student agrees a training target for the internship with the responsible supervisor in order to ensure that the target can be reached.

The periods of practical training cover acute and long-term medicine, rehabilitation, health promotion and disease prevention. They take place mainly in hospitals and clinics, as well as in other health and social service institutions or in research, scientific or industrial settings.

Duration and workload of the internships:

  • 2nd semester: 88 hours (11 days), 3,5 ECTS
  • 3rd semester: 200 hours (25 days), 8 ETCS
  • 4th semester: 368 hours (46 days), 14,5 ECTS
  • 5th semester: 240 hours (30 days), 9,5 ECTS
  • 6th semester: 200 hours (25 days), 8 ECTS

Students talk about their internships