Institute of

Applied Production Sciences

Angewandte Produktionswissenschaften 4

We are committed to sustainable production

The Institute of Applied Production Sciences is part of the Department of Engineering. The principles of technologically and organisationally sustainable production apply to all goods and to companies of all sizes across all industrial sectors.

The future research topics of the Institute include
  • virtual production and “smart factory“ in industry 4.0
  • flexible production in terms of innovative manufacturing technologies and methods
  • cooperative education in engineering

This portfolio has been complemented by food production and agriculture, a complex of topics that has newly emerged at the interface between the Engineering and other departments. Research will focus on selected aspects of the agriculture value chain and product development, e.g.:

  • processing and value adding of food of plant and animal origin using cutting-edge technologies
  • food logistics and food consumption
Collaboration opportunities
  • Collaboration with partners in research contracts or funded research projects
  • Exploration of research questions as part of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses
Degree programmes

The degree programmes at the Institute provide practice-oriented learning in close collaboration with committed industrial partner companies.