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Bachelor's Thesis

Brand Development

Key elements for the perfect positioning of a product on the market.
Entwicklung einer Marke

In order to position a new product on the market successfully, several marketing‒related aspects need to be taken into careful consideration. Not only the analysis of the target group and competitors, but also the definition of the unique selling proposition is important for the later success. In addition, the visual presentation with which a product is communicated is also highly significant. Only through a systematic approach during the design process can the correct access to the target group be identified.

This bachelor’s thesis describes theoretical marketing measures, and documents and substantiates the design process of the American start‒ up Bleu Orchid Cosmetics. In addition the development of the corporate design, as well as the design of the packaging, were realized using different working techniques which are also described in this thesis.

Entwicklung einer Marke 1
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