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Master's Thesis | Sound Design

Raspberry Pi | Synthesizer blackbox

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Synthesizers play a decisive role in today’s music, as well as in sound design. In addition, the synthesizer scene has now changed due to low‒cost and open source technologies. This master’s thesis examines these assumptions through the use of both a theoretical and practical approach. In the practical part of this thesis a synthesizer is developed as a workpiece, using low‒cost and open source technologies.

The internet community of the DIY and maker scenes, which are closely related to these technologies, played a crucial role in solving problems during this process. The result is a flexible and specialized synthesizer. In the written part of this thesis the connection between the synthesizer, DIY and maker scenes is examined, as well as the impact which modern technologies have on these scenes. These technologies make it possible to develop digital devices in both the professional and private sectors. Due to the fact that the program code can easily be converted, the devices are able to function as a synthesizer, an effect pedal, or diverse hybrids.

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