Monitoring Trends in Vietnamese Graduates’ Employment


The National Centre for Tracking of Graduates will support the governance of the higher education system in Vietnam by running surveys on Vietnamese students and graduates to monitor the transition from University to the labour market and the employment status of the graduates.

Motive has the aim to create the following:

Vietnamese National Centre for tracking of graduates
  • The first Centre in Vietnam to carry out surveys for graduates and scientific research in Higher Education and Labour Markets with the Support of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training
Database of graduates
  • Comprising of data for more than 10,000 students and graduates from nine universities (open to new Vietnamese Universities)
Tracking survey of graduates
  • A picture of the employment status of Vietnamese Graduates from the nine Universities including quality assurance recommendations for a better inclusion for graduates in the local labour market
Workshop series and scientific publications
  • A cycle of four international workshops and conferences in line with the regional priority of “Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large”
  • A series of Working Papers and scientific publications hosted by the Centre for Tracking of Graduates on the main topics of higher education and labour markets in Vietnam
Project partners
  • Consorzio Interuniversitario Almalaurea - Link
  • FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciences - Link
  • Universitat de Barcelona - Link
  • INCOMA - International Consulting and Mobility Agency Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada - Link
  • ANECA - Agencia National de Evaluacion de la Calidad y Acreditacion - Link
  • Hanoi University - Link
  • PTIT - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology - Link
  • National University of Art Education - Link
  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture - Link
  • Thai Nguyen University - Link
  • Academy of Journalism and Communication - Link
  • Hanoi University of Home Affairs - Link
  • Hanoi Tourism College - Link
  • Halong University - Link
  • Ministry of Education and Training - Link
  • Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprises Association - Link
  • Ho Chi Minh City Open University (Associate partner) - Link
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Associate partner) - Link

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