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Career prospects

Over the coming decades, experts with an innovative and technological approach to solving the problems of climate change and environmental impacts will shape the way we live in the future. As a result of this practical and interdisciplinary programme, graduates will be qualified to apply these management strategies in a variety of industrial applications, in public administration, and in project management.

Graduates of the master’s degree programme in Energy and Transport Management, with the specialization in Sustainable Energy Technologies are highly skilled individuals with a strong focus on project management and work in a variety of industries. Classical jobs include energy consultancy, project management for renewables or energy efficiency management.

Without this degree, I probably would not have my current job. Thanks to the work-friendly organization of my studies and the fact that I was able to complete my degree very swiftly, I now have several years of professional experience in my industry, even at an age of less than 30. I can recommend the programme to anyone with an interest in energy and climate protection.

Theresa Urbanz, Bsc MSc Project manager at Energie Agentur Steiermark

This programme equips our graduates with the qualifications necessary for successful entry into a professional career. Graduates of the programme can also advance to doctoral studies, and follow an academic career path.