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1. Semester

Business Administration 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592104 Strategic Management - Cases in international Business (Success and Pitfall Studies) 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture aims at introducing students to the principles and key concepts of strategic management. In the course of the semester they learn how to analyse a company's internal and external environment with adequate tools. Additionally, students learn about strategy levels, how to explain the strategic process, formulate business strategies, execute them and analyse their success. The overall lecture is supported by relevant case studies that illustrate different cases of success or failure in international business settings, preparing students for their future roles in middle or higher management.
Environmental Topics 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592101 Climate Change and Dynamics 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In this lecture the climate system “Earth”, the paleoclimate and climate history, climate observations, climate classifications, climate physical mechanisms and geobiochemical cycles, the energy balance of the Earth and the anthropogenic imbalance as well as climate models and climate predictions are examined in detail. The lecture will also deal with the topics climate engineering (technical processes that change the radiation balance) as well as humanity and climate change in more detail. Physical climate change is seen as a challenge for the economy and society. Current research topics and debates in the field of climate and environmental change as well as measures to reduce climate change are analysed with the students.
Environmental Topics 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592103 Environmental Process Engineering 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In this lecture students are introduced to the evaluation of process engineering processes as well as material flows and states. Flow diagrams, process diagrams as well as process engineering disciplines with associated term definitions should be understood. Great attention will be paid to material and energy balances as well as to the so-called green technologies. Based on the lecture from the bachelor's programme, energy savings in production plants will be examined in more detail.
Information Technology 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592102 Digital Modelling and Big Data Simulation 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture provides an introduction to digital system thinking (basic principles, system analysis, etc.), deals with definitions (e.g. model, simulation, data, data analysis), modeling concepts (model design, classification, verification), simulations (constraints, numerical equation solver, static and dynamic simulation, etc.), optimizations (e.g objective function, solution algorithms) and monitoring (structure, data validation). In addition, the students will develop big data strategies (analysis strategies, error sources, error management) and deepen their theoretical knowledge with the help of different software platforms, using practical examples.
Field Energietechnologien:
Energy Topics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592106 Energy Networks and Hybrid Technologies 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This integrated lecture deals with the concepts and components of energy grids. Beside the function and operation of the networks themselves, planning and dimensioning calculation methods as well simulation tools will also be discussed. The integration into the grid and the operation under normal and failure mode are additional aspects of this lecture. Innovative technologies like, for instance, smart grids, energy transmission concepts with HVDC or GIL as well as coupling of different technologies are also addressed.
Energy Topics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592105 Renewable Energy Generation 2 SWS 5 ECTS
In the course of this integrated lecture, students deepen their knowledge concerning the application of renewable energy sources like, for instance, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind power, hydropower and industrial waste heat. Topics covered in this lecture include: available potentials, transformation technologies, energy transportation, storage and use. Special emphasis is put on the discussion of properties and boundary conditions, load curve analyzes, case studies on system integration, residual load behavior and other innovative aspects of renewable energy generation.
Energy Topics 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592107 Storage and Power-to-X Technologies 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In this integrated lecture technological energy storage aspects and different energy storage technologies will be discussed. Students will learn about storage devices for electrical, mechanical and thermal energy as well as future technologies, hydrogen and fuel cells. The lecture also deals with primary and secondary batteries and their role in the energy system: different battery types, concepts describing the storage capabilities of batteries in context of both energy and power. How an electric power system can affect the operation of a battery and vice versa, applying demand side management for higher energy efficiency. A review of the state-of-the art is content of the lecture and an overview of emerging technologies will be provided: Power-to-X, production and storage of hydrogen as well as the usage in fuel cells, applications for e-mobility and in households.

2. Semester

Environmental Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592201 Advanced Harvard Case Studies in Sustainable Management 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This integrated lecture builds on the knowledge aquired in the lecture "Strategic Management" and introduces students to the topic of "Sustainability Management" with the help of selected Harvard Business Cases. Students will learn how to read, interpret and write about classical industry case studies. Concepts of sustainable management from all over the world will be analysed, evaluated and discussed focusing on the core fields of this master degree programme, namely, energy, mobility and the environmental sector.
Elective Subjects:
Selectable Topics 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592209 Angewandtes Umwelt- und Anlagenrecht 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This lecture deals with the legal framework connected to environmental issues and plant engineering as well as their practical application. Students will learn about relevant provisions of environmental and plant law and discuss implications and possible fields of implementation connected to regulatory approval procedures. Additionally, legal provisions regarding the construction and operation of facilities will be discussed.
Selectable Topics 1 | Practical (UE) | Coursecode: 190592208 Applied Environmental and Analytical Laboratory 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In the course of this laboratory tutorial, students actively engage in sampling, preparation of environmental samples and advanced environmental analysis in theory and practice. The tutorial deals with spectroscopic methods, chromatographic methods, methods of air measurement and environmental monitoring. In addition, students learn how statistical and systematic errors in analytics can be avoided.
Selectable Topics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592210 Automation and Control - Energy and Transport 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture provides an in-depth overview of the methods of controll engineering in theory and applicaiton. Students will focus on practical examples with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and embedded systems.
Selectable Topics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592211 Big Data Security and Safety Aspects 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture deals with aspects of data security in modern data processing processes. Students will learn about the basic principles of big data security, practical examples and future development trends in the following areas: general data security aspects, encryption and cryptography as well as their application.
Selectable Topics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592212 International Project Development and Management 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated course is used to illustrate proven practise-oriented methods of active project development and control. Therefore strategic and operative planning components, analysis modells and different corporate and management strategies are presented. Furthermore, the course will deal with performance progress measurement of projects and relevant risk management. In addition, advanced knowledge in terms of technical and economical risk assessment will be imparted and applied with the help of case studies.
Selectable Topics 2 | () | Coursecode: Selectable Topics 2 0 SWS 8 ECTS
Field Energietechnologien:
Energy Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592203 Applied Energy Grid Planning and Maintenance 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture deals with the planning of energy networks and the maintenance of energy systems. The planning aspects and procedures in the planning and maintenance of energy systems are taught and implemented in practice with the help of computer-aided example tasks. On the basis of practical examples and simulation tasks, students will discuss and analyse different maintenance strategies.
Energy Topics 2 | Practical (UE) | Coursecode: 190592202 Energy Analytics Laboratory I 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This laboratory tutorial provides practical insight into renewable energy conversation and storage. Practical knowledge concerning PV modules, inverters, battery storage devices, solar thermic collectors, thermal storage devices as well as charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is deepened using the laboratory setups of the Energy Analytics Lab (EAS) Lab. The associated measurement technology is explained and applied in various lab setups, where different values are obtained, evaluated and analyzed.
Energy Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592204 Industrial Energy Efficiency 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture deals with the procedures, planning approaches, implementation measures and corresponding controlling measures for the increase of energy efficiency measures with special emphasis on industrial plants. Students will learn about operational energy management systems and other technologies for increasing energy efficiency.

3. Semester

Environmental Topics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592301 Integrated Management Systems and Sustainability Reporting 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture serves as a consolidation in the field of Business Management with a special focus on Integrated Management Systems and Sustainability Reporting. In this context the key elements of Integrated Management Systemes, e.g. the high-level structure, as well as specific requirements of the individual management system standards are presented. Furthermore, the requirements, international standards and legal provisions for sustainability reporting (e.g. non-financial reporting, CSR, GRI, IIRC, Global Compact) are elaborated and discussed on the basis of actual examples.
Elective Subjects:
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592314 Autonomous Driving Technologies and Impacts 2 SWS 3 ECTS
This lecture focuses on existing and future technologies of autonomous mobility, their concepts and effects by means of practical technology examples. Students will gain in-depth knowledge concerning on-board and infrastructural aspects like, for instance, drive technologies and concepts, sensor technology and communication (infrastructure to infrastructure (I2I), infrastructure to vehicle (I2C & C2I), vehicle to vehicle (C2C)), They will deal with issues of control, data security on a technical level, legal, economic and social requirements or effects on the mobility of persons and goods.
Selectable Topics 2 | Practical (UE) | Coursecode: 190593206 Environmental Chemistry and Emission Control 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This laboratory tutorial deals with the environmental impact of various pollutants from the energy and transport sectors. In addition, students will learn about the principles of industrial environmental protection, as well as the treatment of exhaust air and waste water in an industrial context. The tutorial also addresses the topics of flue gas cleaning, dedusting, denitrification and desulphurisation technologies and CCS technologies.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592309 Environmental System Aspects and Natural Resource Planning 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This lecture deals with the modelling, integration and evaluation of natural and social science concepts and models for the planning and efficient use of natural resources (water, ground and air). In detail, methods of phosphorus recovery, treatment of urban and industrial wastewater as well as remediation of contaminated sites will be presented. Modern application methods in the field of Urban and Landfill Mining are also an important part of this lecture. Subsequently, the method of persistent substances in the environment will also be treated. The aim is to present and understand complex interactions within the environmental systems water/ground/air.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592307 International Aspects of Energy Law 2 SWS 3 ECTS
This lecture deals with aspects of international energy law with special focus on the European Union. The European legal framework and its national implementation will be discussed on the basis of exemplary countries of the European Union.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592308 International Aspects of Traffic Law 2 SWS 3 ECTS
This lecture deals with selected chapters of international traffic law, relevant EU directives, environmental impact assessments as well as approval procedures. Students will also learn about the legal framework connected to the approval and monitoring of and in means of transportation and at traffic junctions (stops), taking into account data protection developments.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592310 International Energy Markets and Trading 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lecture deals with the mechanisms of international energy markets and energy trading methods. Students will deepen their knowledge with the help of practical examples, focusing on the European Union, stock market mechanisms, billing models, balancing and control energies, as well as sector coupling models.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592311 Nachhaltiges Gebäudemanagement 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In the course of this integrated lecture students learn about the requirements of modern facility management. They acquire knowledge about the key requirements of technical facility equipment (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting). In this context, the concepts of "sustainability" and "efficiency" will be linked with facility management. Additionally, the lecture will deal with life cycle considerations and relevant norms and certifications. Students will also learn how integral planning can facilitate the creation of intelligent facility management concepts. In addition to the analysis of potential flaws in existing concepts, students will learn about concepts of sustainable and future-oriented facility management.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592312 Public Transport Operation 2 SWS 3 ECTS
In the course of this integrated lecture students acquire knowledge about the transport services and capacities of the various public means of transport, the legal provisions, financings and possible forms of offers as well as the tariff provisions, system costs and taxation. It also provides an outlook on future public transport trends and technical developments.
Selectable Topics 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 190592313 Traffic Safety Aspects (Infrastructur and Vehicle) 2 SWS 2 ECTS
In this integrated lecture students will learn about various infrastructural and in-vehicle road safety concepts, traffic safety strategies and technologies, interpretations of accident statistics and the derivation of adequate improvement measures. They gain insight into the different rating systems of vehicles with different driver assistance systems and become familiar with active and passive vehicle safety with the involvement of relevant safety systems.
Field Energietechnologien:
Energy Topics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190592303 Advanced Energy Technologies and Drive Engineering 2 SWS 3 ECTS
In this integrated lecture students acquire knowledge in the field of modern energy and drive technology. The lecture deals with the electrical motor and generator components as well as their control concepts, the respective fields of application and basic plant dimensions.
Energy Topics 3 | Practical (UE) | Coursecode: 190592302 Energy Analytics Laboratory II 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This laboratory tutorial builds on the content of the laboratory tutorial Energy Analytics Laboratory I. Based on the collection and analysis of the obtained energy data, control and steering concepts for a load management system are designed, optimized and put into practice. Simulations are used to analyse the different aspects of intelligent hybrid energy networks and to translate the findings into a laboratory setup.

4. Semester

Selectable Topics 3 | Master's Thesis (MA) | Coursecode: 190529402 Master Thesis 0 SWS 24 ECTS
This seminar includes the writing of the master thesis, the presentation and defense of the master thesis in the context of the master examination. The master exam also includes questions linking the thesis to the central topics of the degree programme.
Selectable Topics 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 190529401 Master Thesis Seminar 0.5 SWS 2 ECTS
This seminar includes the supervision of the students in the writing of the master thesis.
Elective Subjects:
Selectable Topics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190529404 Crisis Communication, Coaching-Skills and Organizational Development 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lectures deals with the topic of organizational development as well as different types of change in an organisational setting. Students will learn how to identify different types of organisational challenges and changes. In addition, the lecture focuses on different intervention strategies and their effects on groups, teams and individuals. Students will be trained in adequate communication strategies in difficult situations or situations of crisis. The development of coaching-skills should enable students to guide and lead teams or individuals through challenging organisational situations.
Selectable Topics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190529403 Innovation and Change Management 2 SWS 4 ECTS
In the course of this integrated lecture different methods for the identification and analysis of needs and the potentials for innovations are examined with special focus on companies in the environmental, energy and mobility sector. Furthermore, state-of-the-art creatvity techniques for the systematic generation of innovations are presented and applied in a practical framework of a project. In addition, the basics of change management and related modells as well as success factors are analysed and impacts due to increasing digitalization are discussed.
Selectable Topics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 190529405 International Human Resource Management 2 SWS 4 ECTS
This integrated lectures deals with the key concepts of human resource management in a global business environment. Students will learn about basic HR processes, such as, HR planning, the staffing process, training and development and performance management. Additionally, students will learn about different leadership styles, strategic human resource management and talent management. As the workplace has become multicultural in recent years, cases of cross-cultural management, expat management and issues of corporate culture will also be elaborated.