Building, Energy & Society

We design tomorrow's living spaces.

Building, Energy & Society

“Tomorrow’s living spaces need to meet our society’s increasing demand for sustainability, quality of life, social acceptability, as well as growing cost and resource awareness. Combining sustainable construction, architectural design, resource-efficient energy supply, human-centred mobility and social planning is the megatrend of the 21st century. The Department of Building, Energy & Society is tackling the future challenges facing our society by aligning university teaching and research with ecological, economic, and social sustainability.”

Uwe Trattnig, Head of Department

What are the ideas, concepts and measures needed for social co-existence in the 21st century in terms of architecture, building, environment and social affairs? These are the questions we seek to answer in the Department of Building, Energy & Society.

We plan future-oriented living spaces, develop responsible transport solutions and work on building the city of the future. We design sustainable residential and commercial buildings, conduct research into renewable forms of energy and aim to support people in dealing with difficult situations in life. Networked thinking and an international perspective enable our students to combine their economic, technical, social and legal skills in the development of innovative and creative solutions.

Graduates from the Building, Energy & Society Department are open-minded experts who work in a wide range of career fields and contribute towards positive social development.

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