Department of Applied Computer Sciences


After Graduation


Career paths

Our graduates work in hospitals, for insurance companies, public health authorities, care facilities and rehabilitation institutions, as well as for numerous IT companies and research institutions. Their duties include traditional information management as well as developing IT systems designed to help people live independently.

The Bachelor’s degree provides our graduates with excellent opportunities in the jobs market. They are valued for their experience in the field and their knowledge of the industry. Graduates may also study further to gain a Master’s degree, and many of our graduates continue with the eHealth Master’s degree programme at FH JOANNEUM.

Graduates enjoy excellent career prospects with both the information science and health science sectors growing at a rapid speed. A whole range of attractive jobs are waiting, whether in a hospital IT department, in medical technologies, or with a manufacturer of health care software. Initial contact with employers is made during the degree programme itself, easing subsequent entry into the workplace.