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eHealth is a young field that is rapidly evolving. Many of the current decision makers in the eHealth field come from other educational backgrounds such as mathematics, medical engineering, electrical engineering, biology, etc. The reason for this is simple: because there was no academic eHealth education at the time.

However, recently, more and more young companies and start-ups have been dealing with eHealth and are showing very innovative approaches to solutions. Increasingly, eHealth graduates are working in these companies or are even company founders! The top performers in these companies understand the requirements and mission of eHealth very well and are able to combine technical, economic and social skills with topics of modern health care, thus creating quite outstanding solutions for our society.

Fortunately, there is a close cooperation between these companies and the eHealth Institute, which has developed through internships, employment, teaching assignments, guest lectures and joint student and research projects. We as the eHealth-Institute are also very proud of this and are happy about the success of our graduates.

Some of these are presented below.