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Praxisprojekte 2

What is eHealth?


eHealth graduates help promote, restore and maintain our health by applying modern information and communication technologies. In health and social care, controlling the flow of information and well-organised, efficient processes are as important as precise planning and quality management. Consequently, the programme focuses on networking within the health care system and all those involved in it – patients, doctors, the insured, therapists and carers.

We offer you a respected degree programme covering fields such as information technology, health sciences, business, management and law. In addition to interdisciplinary expertise, you’ll also gain social skills and improve your English. In their subsequent careers our graduates are qualified to drive technological and organisational improvements in the health care system. Our eHealth graduates enjoy excellent career prospects.

What will I learn?

Applied Computer Sciences

We teach you the fundamentals of applied computer science, covering fields such as software development, network technology, databases and data security. The health care sector is the central focus and you will learn about the various information systems used in hospitals, laboratories and radiology units. You’ll also study medical documentation methods and medical standards (Hl7, IHE, ICD, LOINC, DICOM, …), and electronic patient records.

Health Sciences

You’ll become familiar with basic medical terms including anatomy and pathology, and the duties and responsibilities of various health professions. Similarly, you’ll become acquainted with medical processes, imaging systems and health care systems.

Business & Law / Management

You’ll not only learn about health economics and business economics but also general legal principles – particularly health law. The module is complemented by lectures in process, project and quality management in health and social care.


From the 4th semester our students can choose between two specialisations:

Health Information Systems

You’ll focus on the development and operation of large, complex health information systems.

Personal Digital Assistant Systems

You’ll focus on programming for mobile end devices, so-called personal digital assistant systems. These include smartwatches which, when connected with smartphones, can exchange and analyse vital parameters and biosignals.