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What is Midwifery?

Midwives look after, treat and advise women during pregnancy and childbirth up until the end of their child’s first year of life. Midwives undertake the following activities:

  • Providing health care, treatment and advice before and after childbirth on a freelance basis
  • Assisting with childbirth in hospitals
  • Home births
  • Working at midwifery centres and practices, birthing centres and parental advice centres
  • Scientific research and teaching

Midwives guide and oversee the birthing process. Other responsibilities include courses (such as antenatal classes), providing advice during pregnancy, conducting screenings and referring women in the case of unusual or pathological situations. After the birth, they provide advice on breastfeeding and look after the young family at home. Their work also involves monitoring the weight of the child, checking for jaundice and monitoring the recovery of the mother. They also provide psycho-social support and, depending on their training, cover additional fields such as complementary therapies.

What will I learn?


The brain represents the conveying of scientific knowledge and research as part of the course. We will provide you with basic knowledge in subjects such as anatomy, the mechanics of childbirth and birthing positions and postnatal physiology. Our active research and development work, especially in the field of breastfeeding and obesity prevention, ensures the course content is kept up-to-date. Your seminar paper and Bachelor’s thesis will help you develop independent and analytical thought processes and approaches to your work.


You can apply the theory you have learnt in practical situations during detailed exercises and simulation training sessions. The hands therefore represent the practical skills and capabilities you will learn with us. These include skills and drills as well as knowledge of breastfeeding positions, blood tests, treating childbirth injuries, resuscitating newborns, emergency management and much more.


The heart is also important alongside all these skills and tasks: it is a symbol of social competence and this is particularly important in the job of the midwife. You will also learn some advisory techniques in addition to the various aspects of health promotion. Your subsequent job will require numerous social skills which you will learn as part of our course.

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