Stefan Stiedl

I am an (air)Berliner!


Poor but sexy - this phrase describes the capital of our German neighbour. Everything may not work 100% faultlessly in Berlin but you quickly feel at home here as an Austrian because the somewhat Austrian principle of ‘don’t worry’ is often applied. Germany’s second largest airline is based here and is not rich as Croesus – but that does not bother the employees (‘don’t worry’). Instead, there is a sense of the amicable, relaxed vibe which is typical of Berlin. Despite this, a lot certainly happens here, especially in the ‘Performance Improvement’ department which is striving to optimise flight processes. It’s fascinating how complex and diverse an airline can be. Often there is little time left to explore the city with its varied history – but the ‘Kreuzberg nights’ are long and during the stay, you will get to know lots of new faces, stories and walls and perhaps learn to love the city so much that after your Erasmus semester, you might find yourself saying “I am a Berliner!”