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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists work with people across all age groups in the fields of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. They are experts in the sequences of motion and work in virtually all sectors of the medical profession – from orthopaedics to internal medicine and psychiatry.

The first step in the physiotherapy process is to compile a detailed medical history before making a diagnosis based on a physical examination. Adopting a holistic perspective of the human body plays a central role in this, as does the setting of goals with the patient.
In addition to acquiring a broad base of basic knowledge in the functioning of the human body, the Physiotherapy course provides expertise in patient communication and interdisciplinary exchange with other professional groups.

The course provides a unique combination of theory and practice, giving you ideal preparation for your future career. You will also have a chance to apply what you have learnt during the internships.

On completing your Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, you will be presented with an internationally recognised qualification which entitles you to start work in the profession. You will also be able to continue your academic career with a Master’s degree programme such as the Health Management in Tourism degree programme at FH JOANNEUM.

What will I learn?

Basic knowledge and expertise

The course will provide you with the expertise you need to assess the functions and reactions of the human body – in both sickness and health. You will acquire detailed knowledge in the fields of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Other key aspects of the course include development of motor skills, the musculoskeletal system and motion control. You will also gain insight into the functioning of the internal organs.

Application and practice

Building on these basics, you will develop the expertise you need to apply this knowledge to patients. You will learn to independently apply treatment methods in a targeted manner. In addition to this expertise, from the second semester you will undertake various internships at a range of medical facilities in line with your studies. The choice of internships enables you to focus your interests on specific areas. Internships can be completed either in Austria or abroad.

Scientific expertise

Scientific presentation of your activities forms an important part of your course. Therapy interventions and considerations must be backed up with evidence. You will acquire this expertise by writing two Bachelor’s theses exploring clinical issues in everyday practical settings. These theses will be supervised by our teaching staff.

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