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During the course, our students learn to use a wide range of physiotherapy equipment both on themselves and on their colleagues. Being able to use equipment to demonstrate movement patterns is an important component of the daily life of a physiotherapist.

At our exercise science laboratory, we offer students the following equipment and programmes:

  • The ZEBRIS FDM system is a measuring plate which records pressure distribution while standing and walking. This enables any deviations in posture and gait to be identified – both measurements which are important for movement analysis.
  • The CONTEMPLAS Motion Analysis programme enables the systematic recording and analysis of movement patterns.
  • The NORAXON Myo Trace 400 and KINE – future in motion equipment measure muscle activity in stance and motion. Our students draw conclusions in terms of muscle strain, muscle tiring and sequence of muscle activity in a muscle chain.
  • The SONOSITE M-Turbo system uses ultra-sound as a learning tool. This enables patients to learn to identify and specifically activate deep muscles which the patient may not be able to perceive or feel.
  • The MFT S3 Check measuring plate can be used to measure key parameters in balance ability.

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