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Sound Design

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To graduate from your degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a Master’s thesis, which must receive a positive assessment
  • pass the Master’s examination

Your title on graduation after the fourth semester will be “Master of Arts in Arts and Design (MA)”.

Master’s thesis

In their Master’s thesis, students should explore an issue in the field of sound design relevant to the course. This allows the student to demonstrate successful completion of vocational training at both a scientific and design level. The Master’s thesis can be purely theoretical and scientific or else design-based including a work piece. The topic for the Master’s thesis can be proposed by the student, by a lecturer or by an interested company. Several students can collaborate on a thesis as long as the individual contributions of each student can be separately evaluated. The supervisors should be lecturers on the course or, where applicable, external course lecturers or in exceptional cases, additional experts. Support can also be provided by other members of the teaching and research staff or programme heads.

The fourth semester is set aside for completion of the Master’s thesis. The final thesis can also be compiled for a company or as part of a research project. Upon request, the thesis can also be embargoed for up to five years. While writing their Master’s thesis, students have access to all the resources which are available during the course of their studies.

Master’s examination

The Master’s examination can be completed at the end of the summer semester at the earliest. It takes place before an exam board made up of experts in the field and is open to the public. The examination involves presenting and defending the Master’s thesis and an examination covering the entire field of Sound Design plus an additional complementary subject. The exam board comprises at least three members including the chair.

After graduation

After graduation, graduates with this interuniversity degree can either enter the professional world immediately or continue their studies on a doctoral programme.

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