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To graduate from the Master‘s degree programme in Social Work, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a Master’s thesis, which must be approved
  • pass the Master’s examination

Your title on graduation will be "Master of Arts in Social Sciences (MA)“.

Master’s thesis

As part of their Master’s thesis, our students devise their own topic to analyse in the field of social work. The fourth semester is set aside for this purpose. The Master’s thesis can also be compiled for a social business or as part of an internship. Group work is possible.

Topics are chosen in accompanying scientific seminars and must be approved by the head of degree programme. Students are supported in their work by a supervisor with expert and professional knowledge of the subject matter.

Master’s examination

The Master’s examination takes place at the end of the fourth semester or during the following autumn. In exceptional cases, it may even take place the semester afterwards.

The Master’s examination takes place before an exam board and involves presenting and defending the Master’s thesis, an exam on a topic from the elective module and questions about practical social work. The examination board comprises a chairperson and two additional lecturers from the Institute. One of the members is the relevant supervisor.