German Language Competence Course

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Studienvorbereitung Deutsch 18

Training & qualifications

The Certificate Programme is divided into four modules. The first two are centred around acquiring the required general B2 language level. The third module builds on the skills gained at B2 level to include expertise relevant to pursuing a university course. The last module involves preparation for the assessment test and the language of the academic environment: here you will acquire specialist language skills and text type-specific expertise.

Focal areas of the programme

  • Module 1: German Competence B1
  • Module 2: German Competence B2
  • Module 3: German Competence B2+
  • Module 4: German Language Competence Training:
    • Communication and Intercultural Training
    • Competence Training: Written Reception and Production in an Academic Context
    • Competence Training: Verbal Reception and Production in an Academic Context

“We are committed to your linguistic development at an academic level, but we also want to familiarise you with your future university during the Certificate Programme. This means intensive contact with your course of choice, while also getting to know all of the relevant university services which are on hand to support you during your studies”.

International Relations

Study periods

The Certificate Programme begins at the start of September (4 weeks before the start of the semester) and ends at the end of the academic year at the end of June/start of July. It encompasses 36 weeks (excl. holidays), or 540 hours of in-person teaching from Monday to Friday as well as 360 hours of self-study. This results in a total workload of 900 hours or 36 weeks.

  • In-person classes at the university: 540 hours
  • E-learning: not provided
  • Self-study: 360 hours
  • Attendance: min. 80 %