Department of Media & Design

Technical Documentation




Candidates who meet the entry requirements can apply to join the Technical Documentation course. Acceptance to the programme is subject to a written application and an admissions interview.

Step 1: Gather the required documents.

The necessary documents:
  • Short letter of application / letter of motivation
  • Signed CV
  • Copy of your citizenship certificate or passport
    This evidence is not required for FH JOANNEUM graduates.
  • Proof of qualification for university entrance
    This evidence is not required for FH JOANNEUM graduates.
  • Copy of documentary evidence that you have completed a relevant Bachelor’s course or equivalent education
    This evidence is not required for FH JOANNEUM graduates.
    • or Documentary evidence of your qualifications / professional experience
    • Application Form, completed and signed

What requirements apply to my international documents?
Special regulations apply to documents that have not been issued in Austria. Your documents must fulfil these regulations to be accepted. Different provisions may apply depending on your country of origin: see the Translation and Authentication Guidelines by country.


If you do not yet have your documents (Bachelor or Diploma certificate) at the time of submitting your application, you can submit the relevant documents by the start of your course.

Step 2: Submit your application.

You can apply online or by post. Your chances of gaining a place on the course are the same whatever method you choose and whenever you submit your application during the application period.


Adhere to the application deadline and ensure that your documents are complete and signed before you send them off. Only then will your application be accepted.

You want to apply by post?

Send your full set of application documents by (registered) mail to:

Master's Course
Technical Documentation
Alte Poststrasse 152
8020 Graz

You want to apply by email?

Send your full set of application documents by email to:

Step 3: Wait to be invited to the personal interview.

Your application will be reviewed by the course head. All applicants who meet the formal entry requirements will be invited to attend a face-to-face interview.