Programme 12
Department of Health Studies

Applied Nutrition Medicine


The increase in nutrition-related disorders means medical practitioners and dietitians are facing new interdisciplinary challenges. This is why our programme focuses on the complex field of nutritional medicine as well as on areas of strategic interdisciplinary competence such as quality management, research and public health.

What you will learn:

Project and Quality Management

Scientific Work

Cultural Aspects of Nutrition

Public Health

Applied Nutritional Medicine

Special Food Science

Did you know, …

… that the programme consists of twelve modules taught over five semesters?

Modules include, for example, Applied Nutritional Medicine, Scientific Method as well as Psychological and Cultural Aspects and Interventions.

Did you know, …

… that the programme focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation between dietitians and doctors?

One of the key goals is for both groups of professionals to make mutual use of their expertise in order to achieve a common perspective between science and practical application based on the range of different practical experiences of programme participants.

Did you know, …

… that the programme is carried out jointly by the Medical University of Graz and FH JOANNEUM?

This is the only cooperation programme in the field of nutritional medicine in Austria and enables optimal use to be made of the professional strengths and expertise of both partner institutions, giving rise to top level quality.

Did you know, …

… that admission criteria for the programme can only be met by individuals who are authorised to work as nutritional therapists?

Under Austrian legislation on allied health professions (MTD-Gesetz) these individuals must be qualified medical doctors and dietitians.

Did you know, …

… that the teaching concept focuses on problem-based learning?

Participants examine real-life situations and draw on relevant scientific literature along the lines of evidence-based medicine to develop new, holistic solutions.

Did you know, …

… that graduates of the programme have the relevant skills to carry out scientific and interdisciplinary work and accept social responsibility?

Using population-related interventions they promote good health through nutrition and contribute towards a reduction in diet-related disorders and/or provide professional treatment of such disorders. This makes a lasting contribution to the systematic further development of our healthcare system.

Mode of Study

Lectures requiring on-campus attendance are organised in the form of block weeks to enable participants to work and study at the same time. Four weeks of lectures are held at the Medical University of Graz and four weeks at FH JOANNEUM in Bad Gleichenberg. Individual courses are taught via e-learning.

Dates & Deadlines

Application Requirements

Applicants to this postgraduate master programme must have

  • a degree in human medicine or
  • have completed studies in dietetics at a university of applied sciences or
  • have qualifications following completion of an equivalent three-year course of study at another recognised educational institution in Austria or abroad.

In exceptional cases relevant work experience or completion of additional training and further education may also be taken into consideration.

Application and Admissions Procedure

For admission to the programme, applicants need to submit a written application and are invited to attend a personal interview. Decisions on admission to the programme are made by the Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching based on recommendations by the Heads of Programme.

Information & Contact

Our staff are happy to take time to speak directly to you about all the questions and concerns you might have.

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Postgraduate programme Applied Nutrition Medicine
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Do you have questions about application, career opportunities or admission criteria?

The employees of our course guidance will be pleased to answer your questions and help you with the orientation.

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