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Banking and Insurance Industry

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What is Banking and Insurance Industry?

The finance sector needs professionals with a broad range of expertise, an understanding of the links between banks and insurance companies and a broad range of expertise in these disciplines. We train these experts of the future in our part-time degree programme in Banking and Insurance Industry.

Our applicants should already have acquired initial experience in the industry and have a certain mathematical understanding and affinity with numbers. The part-time nature of the course means that students can pursue university studies in addition to having a career and family. We are always refining our methods, communication and teaching materials to offer the best possible support. This newly acquired expertise can be directly incorporated into your everyday working life.

We place a great deal of importance on interdisciplinary thinking and acting and therefore offer a wide range of subjects: the course content includes law in addition to business and analytical methods. This interdisciplinary expertise will help you develop on both a personal and professional level.

What will I learn?

Banking and Insurance Industry

We combine business, financial and legal aspects to provide you with the tools you need to pursue a successful career in the financial sector. You will further develop your expertise in banking and insurance management, sector-specific products and the specialist fields of law. We will prepare you for the changing requirements and economic developments in the banking and insurance industry and show you how to meet these challenges using your own innovative solutions.

Soft skills

We will develop your soft skills and make you an expert in the fields of communication, team work and presentation. The banking and insurance industry is an international sector, which is why we place great value on intercultural competence. You will therefore be able to hone your soft skills in the English language too.

Practical relevance and networking

The Banking and Insurance Industry course has a high degree of practical relevance: this is due in particular to the part-time organisation and projects involved. You will work in small groups and implement business simulations. The course also presents numerous opportunities for networking with lecturers and colleagues from other companies.

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