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Business in Emerging Markets

My Studies
Degree Programme

What is Business in Emerging Markets?

The interdisciplinary curriculum of this master’s program gives me the opportunity, knowledge and tools to pursue my interest in today’s emerging economies from an academic and practice-oriented perspective. Projects with international companies, my semester abroad in Tbilisi and the international student’s cohort foster working experiences in multicultural teams.
Katharina Radler, Student of the Master´s Programme

Key Subject Areas

Business Behaviour in Emerging Markets

You will gain a solid understanding of the most important characteristics of Emerging Markets as well as the opportunities, threats and challenges for multinationals doing business there. You will learn about the most crucial challenges of these markets as well as how they relate to historical developments.

Global Economy & International Finance

Concise and compact courses will provide you with knowledge of important subjects, such as international trade theory, international trade policy, the global financial environment, M&A and various legal aspects. Special issues like environmental economics will also be included.

International & Strategic Management

You will be introduced to strategy development and business plan design. In the Business Lab you will apply your knowledge holistically within a start-up project and additionally improve your networking skills with the companies doing business in Emerging Markets.

Business Informatics

Big Data is just another keyword to you? We will introduce you to the world of advanced statistical analysis by using state-of-the-art statistical software. You will learn how to analyse big data volumes, and become proficient in how to visually present and interpret your results.

Company Dialogue

Closely interact with representatives from companies active in emerging and developing markets. In this lecture, you can immerse yourself into fast-changing business environments and establish valuable contacts for a successful start of your future career.

Scientific Methods & Market Research

You will work with qualitative and quantitative research methods at an advanced level. In the Research Lab you will apply your theoretical knowledge to a scientific project. In your Master’s Thesis you will combine your knowledge with scientific methods.

What specialisations are available?

We offer you a unique opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in international business specializing in emerging markets. Are you keen on learning more about international finance? Or become an expert in international marketing? Your semester abroad and master’s thesis give you the opportunity to focus on your particular area of interest.

Semester abroad

Being able to choose your partner university enables you to specialise in certain regions – for example, Latin America, Russia, or South East Asia. During your semester abroad you can choose courses from the following areas, and thus specialize in your fields of interest. Read more.

Double Degree Programme

We also have cooperation agreements with three universities offering Double Degrees. You can conduct an exchange semester in Russia, Taiwan, or Chile and write your thesis with a supervisor from Austria and one from the selected partner university. Based on a completed double degree programme, one academic degree is awarded in two variants, according to the legal bases of the participating universities. In each of the participating states, the variant corresponding to the legal system of that state may be used. The use of both academic degrees simultaneously is not possible.

Master’s Thesis

In your Master’s thesis, you will focus on a problem relevant to the areas covered in the programme in emerging markets of your choice. Developing applicable solutions enables you to specialize in a specific region, field, or industrial sector. You can also write your Master’s thesis in cooperation with a company.

Study mode, self-study and attendance

Study mode

We believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, this master’s degree programme is organised in a work-friendly manner. You can obtain valuable knowledge inside and outside of your studies: in lectures, student projects, and a part-time job. Weekends are free and e-learning is used in some classes.

Lecture times

In order to guarantee a good work-life-balance, our courses generally take place at the following times. Please note that exceptions are possible.

  • Wednesday: from 12:15
  • Thursday and Friday: all day

Exceptions are possible, especially for tutorials and examinations.


Learning takes place inside and outside of lectures. An ECTS credit is equivalent to a workload of 25 to 30 hours. Lectures total 30 ECTS per semester – this is equivalent to a workload of between 750 and 900 hours. Around a third of these are lectures requiring mandatory attendance with teaching taking place in the lecture hall and occasionally via e-learning or in the form of field trips. The remaining time is used by students for preparation ahead of lectures and doing follow-up work as well as studying for exams.


At FH JOANNEUM, regular attendance at all classes is mandatory as our students benefit not only by working independently but also together. In principle, you are required to attend all lectures and classes at FH JOANNEUM. You will be officially excused for periods of illness on providing a medical certificate. You may miss a maximum of 20 % of teaching units per semester and course; if you miss more units then your performance will be judged as unsatisfactory and you will be disqualified from sitting the first examination.

Final judgement on the implications of absence and on exceptions to the attendance requirement will be made by the head of the degree programme. Furthermore, the relevant provisions of the FH JOANNEUM Study and Examination Regulations apply in their most recent version.

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