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In order to graduate from the Master’s degree programme in Business in Emerging Markets, and obtain your degree as a “Master of Arts in Business (MA)” you will need to:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • write a Master’s thesis, which must be approved and graded positively
  • pass an oral master’s examination

Master’s Thesis

In the fourth semester, you can demonstrate your knowledge as well as your research skills. Your thesis will compromise both, theory and practice, and is not merely a literature review.

By working on a topic of your choice, you will gain a deeper understanding of a particular subject area (i.e. international finance, marketing, human resources). The thesis subject has to relate to a relevant topic covered by the programme. In your Master’s thesis, you should provide a solution to a business and practice-oriented question and may be based on a project or topic worked on in cooperation with a company.

Once the topic has been chosen, you, your supervisor and (if appropriate) companies must sign and submit the application form to the degree programme. The head of the degree programme will then check and confirm your topic.

Master’s Examination

The Master’s examination is an oral board exam which is open to the public. The board consists of three lecturers from the degree programme. Usually, your thesis supervisor, one or more other lecturers, and the head of the degree programme will be in the commission. The examination includes the following elements:

  • Presentation of your Master’s thesis (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Defence of your Master’s thesis (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Questions about the core topics of the degree programme applied in a case study (approx. 15 minutes)

After Gaduation

After completing their studies, the majority of our graduates normally start to work full-time straight away. However, there are various other options, such as conducting internships and traineeships or attending another post-graduate programme. Here you can see selected success stories of our graduates.


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