Erasmus Day 2023 an der FH JOANNEUM 1

Erasmus Day 2023

Ingerid Dommersnes, Jana Strubegger, Constanze Seidl,

From 9 to 14 October 2023, Erasmus Days were once again celebrated throughout Europe. The aim of these days is to promote interculturalism, to bring people together and to provide comprehensive information about study and work placements abroad. FH JOANNEUM participated in the event and celebrated the Erasmus Day on 11 October in Graz.

Colorful flags, popcorn, apples, homemade cookies and, of course, lots of information on how to get the best experience abroad during your studies - all this was available to the many interested FH JOANNEUM students and staff members at the Erasmus Day 2023. The International Office team was available to answer all questions and give advice on international mobility. "We want to offer students the best possible preparation for an unforgettable stay abroad and are always happy to advise interested people at FH JOANNEUM," says Stefan Strohmaier from the International Office. "Going abroad is always an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. We want to fulfill our students’ wishes and support them towards a stress-free mobility experience," assures his colleague, Karina Theiss.

We also asked our students why they came to Erasmus Day. "The great music, the many flags and goodies caught my interest. Since I am in my first semester, I was of course very excited that FH JOANNEUM offers so many opportunities to go abroad. I really want to see the world," said Julia. Our employees also took part and reported on their experiences: "International exchange is becoming increasingly important in times of globalization, digitalization and diversity. Through Staff Weeks, we employees can also expand our skills abroad".

Internationalize Yourself

Almost half of all bachelor and master students at FH JOANNEUM spend a semester or internship abroad during their studies. With more than 300 international partner universities, FH JOANNEUM has an excellent international network. Would you like FH JOANNEUM to be your springboard into the world? For more information, please contact the International Office.

FH JOANNEUM is also very popular as a host university for international students: In the academic year 2022/2023, 370 new incoming exchange students came to FH JOANNEUM. Incoming exchange students, regular degree-seeking students and staff at FH JOANNEUM are offered a comprehensive Internationalisation@Home program. More than 100 intercultural events are held annually at all three campuses - for example, cultural evenings, international cooking sessions and pub quizzes. A particular highlight is the Tandem Program, in which around 3,000 Austrian and international students have taken part since 2006, developing their language and intercultural skills.

European University EU4DUAL

An exciting newcomer at this year’s Erasmus Day: the European University EU4DUAL, which FH JOANNEUM forms together with eight international partner universities. An important goal of EU4DUAL is to promote mobility within the alliance and to create new international mobility opportunities for students and staff. The Erasmus Day on 11 October provided an opportunity to learn more about mobility within EU4DUAL. In addition, FH JOANNEUM’s Scientific Managing Director Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki and the head of the local EU4DUAL office Roswitha Wiedenhofer-Bornemann planted an EU4DUAL tree in the courtyard of Eggenberger Allee 11. We are confident that both the EU4DUAL tree and the work of the EU4DUAL alliance will have a fruitful future!