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Work and study

The perfect combination
Beruf und Studium

You are looking for an exciting degree programme that can be combined with work and family life? We offer a range of part-time, work-friendly and co-op Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. All our postgraduate Master’s courses are organised on a part-time basis. Here’s an overview.

Studying part-time

Most part-time degree programmes can be combined with a full-time job. Several attendance models are being offered:

Attendance on weekends plus e-learning

Attendance is required on Friday afternoons and Saturdays so that you can combine your studies with work and family commitments. The curriculum is supplemented by synchronous and asynchronous e-learning units.

Teaching blocks plus online lectures

Teaching takes place in blocks, allowing you to combine studying with work.


Tip: Persons in military or community service can start the part-time degree programmes Software Design and Industrial Management without losing time and switch over to the full-time programme once they have completed their service. In some degree programmes, graduates of relevant technical colleges (HTL) can have individual courses credited. For details please contact our Course Guidance team .

Work-friendly degree programmes

These courses allow you to combine your studies with part-time work.

Co-op degree programmes

Theoretical blocks spent on campus alternate with practical periods at the training company so that you can immediately put the knowledge acquired into practice.

Academic certificate programmes

Master certificate programmes

All our Master’s courses are organised on a part-time basis. For more information please go to

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