Department of Management

Health Management and Public Health

After Graduation


Career paths

Our graduates are familiar with the new requirements and development potential in health management. Their core competences include the management of healthcare institutions in the fields of prevention and rehabilitation, the planning, implementation and evaluation of research processes and the optimal use of resources.

Our graduates pursue a wide range of careers from public health activities and research in health organisations through to the management of hospitals, rehabilitation centres or private healthcare service providers. They can also pursue a doctoral degree at a university with a focus on business and social sciences.

Graduates of Health Management und Public Health are equipped with:

  • a solid understanding of the links between health and society
  • the ability to interpret research results, to evaluate and implement them in practice, as well as to undertake their own research
  • the ability to take on responsibility for leading organisational units and managing employees
  • extended knowledge of project management
  • the ability to undertake, evaluate and interpret analyses of the demand, requirements, resources and costs of public health interventions
  • the necessary know-how for maintaining and improving health and wellness in, and with, the population in a measurable and evidence-based way
  • the ability to overcome health inequality by means of empowerment, participation and increasing health literacy
  • sufficient command of theory needed to apply suitable evaluation and research methods, as well as health management methods, in practice
  • the ability to communicate public health issues effectively and integrate them at all political levels and among stakeholders