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This Master's degree programme focuses on practical experience as well as theory-based content. Working as part of a team, you will be responsible for a project of your choice to be completed for a real-life customer over the first two semesters. Your project team will include Bachelor’s students who will help to organise the projects under your direction. This exercise will help to kick-start your professional career: you will have to communicate with the customers and implement their specifications, while also proving your communication and organisation skills as the team leader.

Current student projects

Professional association of health management

Professionals active in the healthcare sector are organised into a variety of associations. In contrast to Germany, there is no such organisation for health management and health promotion in Austria. However, the health management programmes at universities of applied science in Austria have themselves created an (informal) network for educational purposes.

The project objective was to determine the demand for such an organisation amongst the various Austrian stakeholders. The first priority for the project team was extensive research into existing associations in Austria's healthcare sector, followed by an assessment of demand. The students summarised the results of the survey in an internal report for the Austrian network of FH degree programmes in health management.

  • Duration: two semesters
  • Semester: 1st and 2nd semester
  • Project manager and contact: Anna Deak
  • Students
    • Anna Deak
    • Anja Hummel
    • Melanie Wallner