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Health Management and Public Health

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To graduate from your degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a Master’s thesis, which must be approved
  • pass the Master’s examination

Your title on graduation will be "Master of Arts in Business (MA)".

Master's thesis

Our students work with a supervisor to devise a detailed prospectus which is then used to apply for the Master's thesis. Work on the thesis can begin once the prospectus has been approved by a committee. The work is divided up so that each lecturer only supervises a few students. This ensures an intense exchange of ideas and enables the students to work punctually and to a high quality level.

Students also have access to a Master's thesis handbook in addition to the general examination regulations and are supported by a thesis coordinator.

Master's examination

Following successful completion of their thesis, students take the Master's examination. This involves giving a presentation and defence of the thesis in English. This is followed by a discussion with two examiners from relevant subject fields. Two examination subjects are chosen from the fields of health management and public health.

The examination board consists of a chairperson and two examiners.

After graduation

Our graduates are well-equipped to start work in a wide range of successful careers.

It is also possible to continue along the academic route and complete a doctoral degree at a university.