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What is Industrial Management?

Industrial Management is a Bachelor’s degree programme in modern industrial engineering at the interface between technology and business and is taught on a part-time basis. With its innovative training, this programme offers outstanding opportunities for personal and career development. A key reason that working professionals choose our degree programme is that it allows them to apply their newly acquired knowledge on an ongoing basis during their daily work.

The Industrial Management programme is the ideal solution to a problem faced by companies worldwide – the conflict between technical experts who think in terms of processes, and business managers who focus on budgets. As an Industrial Management graduate you will understand the language of both these worlds, and with your ability to liaise you offer clear added value to any business. People with individual abilities and skills are always successful, and consequently the programme also places great importance on personal development.

Our course is a leading industrial engineering and management programme, and has enjoyed top rankings for many years. This is one of the reasons that many of our graduates currently hold responsible leadership positions.

You can work in industrial and service sectors without restricting yourself to any one field: from purchasing or production, to marketing and sales, from project management or staff development and innovation, to IT and control, either as a specialist, department head, in a management role or in consultancy – you have an extensive choice of employment options. The Industrial Management part-time degree programme ensures that you are optimally equipped either to progress further in your current employment, or to move on to new challenges.

What will I learn?

Business management

Almost 50% of the programme content focuses on business management. As well as the fundamental principles and tools of business management, we concentrate specifically on subjects relevant to industry: processes and process management, logistics and supply chain management, financial controlling and management accounting, as well as customer orientation and marketing.


The technological content of the programme focuses on production engineering, automation and IT. Students will learn to understand the basic principles and topics involved in the manufacturing industry: What materials are available? How is production organised? How can production be optimised? What happens if production quantities are doubled or halved? And above all, how can the potential offered by IT be most effectively applied in the company, whether in the form of databases, leading global business information management systems, or the cloud.


Industrial Management graduates not only need subject knowledge, but also linguistic, social and cultural skills, whether later employed by one of Austria’s global market leaders, or working abroad. English language classes a will extend your language skills and prepare you for the international environment of industrial management.