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Industrial Management (PT)

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To graduate from the part-time Industrial Management degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes and the internship
  • successfully complete the required internships or work in a relevant field during your studies
  • produce two Bachelor’s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)”.

Bachelor’s theses

Our students submit two Bachelor’s theses, one practical and the other theoretical. The theoretical thesis is usually more extensive and is written in the fourth semester. Students work on a topic which particularly interests them, drawing on written sources to form their own conclusions. Students may also tackle real-world challenges from their workplace. Topics for the thesis can be selected from any of the programme content.
The less extensive practical thesis is written in the fifth semester and documents experiences from the Industrial Research Project.

During the seminar on Scientific Methods our students are made familiar with the rules and regulations applicable to Bachelor‘s theses. The students are supported by a supervisor throughout the process of writing their thesis. Students also meet up in seminars designed to give them the opportunity to jointly discuss and improve their work.

Bachelor’s examination

After all the course work has been successfully completed and the two Bachelor’s theses positively assessed, students are ready to take the Bachelor’s examination. This is held in July and September every year and requires the student to present and defend both Bachelor’s theses to a panel of examiners. The students are asked questions about their theses which will reflect the specialist knowledge they have gained in writing them. Questions are also asked on the content of the course. The examination board consists of three people: the two supervisors and one chairperson. The examination is open to the public, allowing friends and family to attend as moral support. Bachelor’s degree certificates are presented during the graduation ceremony which usually takes place in November.

After graduation

After graduating, students may immediately join the Master’s programme in International Industrial Management whose content builds seamlessly upon that of the Bachelor’s course. Run over four semesters, the primary focus of the Master’s programme is purchasing and sales with an international orientation. The ideal prerequisites for becoming a successful executive is the perfect combination of subject content and soft skills.
Those wishing to immediately launch into their professional careers after graduating from the Bachelor’s programme are also well equipped to do so.

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