IT-Recht & Management 3
Department of Applied Computer Sciences

IT Law & Management


This master degree programme focuses on the new legal challenges posed by the rapid development of information and communication technologies at the interface of IT, law and management. You’ll deal with contract law, software licensing, IT governance and compliance, e-business and media law.

What you will learn:


You’ll learn about and analyse the various business models relevant to e-business, discover why enterprises are getting into digital business, and the processes that are affected by this move. You’ll take this as a basis for designing and implementing an e-business strategy for a virtual enterprise.

General computing

You’ll gain an overview of the latest developments in information technology. There is also the chance to deepen your knowledge in the elective subject ‘Network and Web Technologies’.

Commercial and IT law

You’ll familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation and learn about contract law and its implications for commercial practice. This includes information about the various legal databases and learning which legal tools to deploy in technical-legal project management.

Media and telecommunications law

You’ll study the legal framework for the use and usability of media content – from media and telecommunications law to the E-Commerce Act, domain rights, and the Digital Signatures Act.

IT project manage-ment & IT auditing

You’ll learn how to manage IT projects effectively, from planning through to implementation, and familiarise yourself with the most important management tools. You’ll also learn the relevant IT standards and gain insight into the work of an IS auditor.

IT governance & IT compliance

You’ll learn to understand the connections between the core business of an organisation and its internal IT systems. You’ll also examine particular aspects of IT governance and become acquainted with control and reporting systems based on IT compliance specifications. As a result you’ll extend your skills in resolving conflicts within organisations, and in evaluating the risks of IT operations.

IT-Recht & Management 2

Did you know, …

… that the part-time master degree programme is designed to fit in with career and family commitments?

Around 60 % of the programme is taught through e-learning, making it accessible for students with jobs and families. Students are only required to be present on campus for one weekend (Friday and Saturday) each month.

IT-Recht & Management 3

Did you know, …

… that you’ll undertake your own project?

You’ll plan and execute an interdisciplinary project based on your own practical experience or as part of a research project. The focus of your project is secure data and networks from the viewpoint of IT legislation.

IT-Recht & Management

Did you know, …

… that the programme offers an interesting specialisation for lawyers, and that any law modules completed can be credited towards the course?

The programme can also be undertaken by law students during their court internship. Prospective students must have knowledge of information technology applications – students can gain any necessary IT credits by taking courses on the bachelor programme in Software Design whilst simultaneously studying on the master programme.

Did you know, …

… that we offer the ideal combination of subjects for IT experts who want to extend their legal expertise and management know-how?