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Department Applied Computer Sciences

IT & Mobile Security

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“Ever-growing levels of connectivity pose an increased risk of cyber-attacks, data leaks and digital threats. Robust training in IT security is necessary to protect personal data, business secrets and critical infrastructure. By ensuring IT security, we not only help maintain trust in digital services but also create a secure foundation for innovation and progress. Securing the digital space means preserving privacy, minimising financial losses and protecting the integrity of our networked society”.
Klaus Gebeshuber, Lecturer

We live in a connected world. The security of sensitive data, networks and systems is more important than ever before. Cyber-attacks on businesses and individuals have become the norm. What is the best way of protecting sensitive data from attacks? What are the challenges of using artificial intelligence and machine learning? On the IT & Mobile Security programme you will respond to these questions by exploring new solutions for the secure use and application of information and communication technologies.

Due to the increasingly international nature of the ICT sector, the programme is taught in both English and German. Some course content is also taught by specialists from abroad.

Key subject areas

IT Security

You will learn about firewall technologies, secure network architectures and forensic investigations, as well as how to analyse vulnerabilities in computer systems and identify malware. You will discover the creative methods used by hackers so that you can install effective protection mechanisms in the network, in server systems and mobile applications.

Software Security

You will learn about cutting-edge software architecture and design methods, allowing you to develop and implement secure software. You will delve into the topic of cryptography and implement software on various operating systems, both on the web and in the server, cloud and mobile domains. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are integral to analysing cyber-attacks and responding to unknown threats.

Security Management

In addition to special technical skills, you will also investigate standards in IT information security, risk management and methods of IT project and change management. You will also be introduced to the legal, social and ethical aspects of security management.

IT Security Practice

During the third semester you will undertake a project requiring you to apply your knowledge of IT and mobile security. As many of our students are already in employment, they can undertake projects related to their work.

You will further develop your knowledge of IT security during your Master’s thesis.

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