Florian Glatzl BSc

Florian Glatzl worked intensively on his current specialist field even during his studies.


Key data

Job description: Air worthiness and certification testing
Company: Austro Control
I work in: Vienna, Austria
I’ve worked here since: 2014
My contact

What I do

Certification and approval of aircraft and aeronautical equipment.

Why I love my job

  • Working in a varied and international environment
  • Good combination of office work and physical surveying of aircraft
  • Competent and helpful superiors and colleagues who turn every challenge into an exciting task

Important skills in my job

  • Competence
  • Consistency
  • Willingness to learn

My biggest accomplishment so far

My current career presents me with new challenges every single day. Whether related to a small unmanned aircraft or a large airliner, tackling these challenges and gaining recognition from my colleagues help me achieve personal success and satisfaction.

How I found my current job

One semester paper involved me collaborating with employees from Austro Control. A few months later, this gave rise to an opportunity to pursue an internship and my Bachelor’s thesis at the Austro Control headquarters in Vienna where I was also able to further develop my knowledge. I completed various other internships after that and at the end of my course, was offered a permanent position.

What I learned for this job during my studies

During my studies, I spent a lot of time working on my current specialist field which prepared me well for starting out in my career. The team work and coordination of joint results at FH JOANNEUM were good preparation for my current, well-connected working environment.

Job prospects in my field

The development opportunities in my field primarily revolve around expanding the area of responsibility. Whether you choose to focus on small or larger aircraft or opt to work in the field of rulemaking with international authorities and working groups, it is up to you to pursue your own personal development direction.

I am

  • determined: it is not always easy to familiarise yourself with the aviation world with all its abbreviations, abbreviations of abbreviations, processes and regulations
  • passionate about detail: when it comes to the physical surveying of aircraft, accurate working is usually about the small details
  • ready to learn: it is essential that you continue to develop your knowledge given the ever-changing environment and changes to the applicable regulations

About my job

At present, I am working under high pressure to complete my internal training and become a fully-fledged inspector. This involves lots of training sessions in addition to my normal work. Although I have to flit between lots of different topics during my training, this mix covers everything from ultra-light aircraft to airliners. A wide range of work which is difficult to find in many other professions.