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Production Technology and Organization

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To graduate from the Production Technology and Organisation degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • successfully complete the periods of company internships
  • produce two Bachelor’s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)“.

Bachelor\’s theses

The first Bachelor’s thesis is a written paper which demonstrates that our students are able to describe and reflect on how they developed their skills in the alternate theoretical and practical components of the degree programme. It is produced during the fifth and sixth semesters and can refer back to the work-term reports produced in the previous semesters.

The second thesis is an academic study at the end of the degree programme. Students harness the skills acquired during their theoretical and practical education to solve a problem relevant for the training company. The second thesis demonstrates the professional and academic competence students have gained.

In the fifth semester, students decide on an assignment together with the training company and a lecturer and define the topic of their second Bachelor’s thesis. Students work on the thesis in the sixth semester during their company internship and in class. The thesis should involve at least 200 working hours (8 ECTS).

To prepare for and offer support during the second Bachelor’s thesis we deliver a seminar where students are coached individually and in small groups, to consolidate selected technical or organisational aspects and on how to write and present an academic paper correctly.

Bachelor\’s examination

The board exam at the end of the sixth semester includes the presentation of the second Bachelor’s thesis and an oral examination on related subjects from the curriculum. The thesis is presented to the examination board consisting of the chairperson and two lecturers, one from production technology and one from production organisation. The examination is open to the public.

After graduation

After graduating students can pursue one of the following FH JOANNEUM Master’s degree programmes to further extend their knowledge:

  • Engineering and Product Management (MSc, co-op, Graz)
  • Energy and Transport Management (MSc, work-friendly, Kapfenberg)
  • International Industrial Management (DI, full-time and part-time, Kapfenberg)
  • Advanced Electronic Engineering (MSc, work-friendly, Kapfenberg)
  • Automotive Engineering (DI, full-time, Graz)
  • IT Law & Management (MA, part-time, Kapfenberg)
  • Aviation (MSc., full-time, Graz)

Students also have the option of joining an engineering or organisational Master’s degree programme at other universities.

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