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What is Production Technology and Organisation?

Production engineers plan, control, optimise and monitor production processes. In the Production Technology and Organisation degree programme you’ll learn how to ensure efficiency, quality and environmental and social compatibility in manufacturing companies. In addition to technical expertise we’ll teach you good communication skills and how to work as part of a team to prepare you for your future career.

The Production Technology and Organisation programme is organised on a co-op basis which means that you spend a large part of your course in an industrial company rather than at the university. You are usually employed there from the third to the sixth semester and so can put the knowledge you have acquired into practice straight away.

Production technology and organisation deals with a product from raw material production and processing through to the end consumer. It starts with arranging the planning and building of a factory. Production engineers also simulate and optimise manufacturing processes on the computer and develop suitable machinery and production facilities. They deploy this equipment efficiently and effectively and identify where particular attention must be paid during the production process to ensure that the product can be supplied on time and in the desired quality. Production technology and organisation is also responsible for organising maintenance and repair work such that operations are not hampered by unnecessary downtime. As well as designing workplaces, coordinating human and plant resources and dealing with investment and costing. So the job of the production engineer is as diverse as it is varied.

What will I learn?

Basic scientific and engineering principles

As a production engineer you need to understand and be familiar with the different machines, plant and materials with which you work. So we’ll give you a thorough grounding in science and engineering.

Manufacturing and process engineering

In manufacturing and process engineering you’ll deal with traditional and innovative processing techniques. You’ll learn how to use manufacturing facilities economically and the effect that manufacturing technology has on product development. We’ll teach you the basics of process engineering so that you’re able to handle the fundamental calculations, lay out and selection of processing facilities. You’ll also learn how to use numerous production methods and tools such as computer-aided manufacturing.

Production organisation, quality and environmental management

To organise production processes properly you need to analyse and understand the circumstances and procedures in manufacturing firms. We’ll teach you how to structure these procedures effectively and efficiently. It’s not only important that the production process runs smoothly from a technical and commercial perspective but it should also be compatible with economic, environmental and health standards. In this element of the course we also give you a basic grounding in value and supply chain management, planning methods and tools as well as organisational measures and methods of improving process quality.

Key qualifications

During the degree programme you’ll also enhance your soft skills in order to be able to behave professionally in a range of situations, solve problems on your own initiative, perform appropriately and participate in a team and in design processes in a mature and considered manner - applied technology in action!