Ramanjot Kaur

My internship at the LKH University Clinic for Radiology.


Key data

Job description: Radiographer
Company: LKH University Clinic for Radiology
Place: Graz, Austria
I did my internship from January to February 2016.

What I did:

My primary tasks during the internship were to communicate with the patients, position the patients and operate the CT scanner, for example, carrying out examinations and image post-processing.

Why I enjoyed my internship:

During my internship, I particularly enjoyed working with the patients, learning about the work of radiographers and collaborating with staff at the hospital.

What I learned:

During the course of the internship, I was able to acquire practical experience in computed tomography imaging to support the knowledge I had already gained.

My biggest success / My greatest experience:

My greatest success during the internship was learning to work independently. This enabled me in particular to gain an overview of the professional life of a radiographers. Communicating with most of the patients was also an excellent experience for me.

How I secured the internship:

The internship places were allocated to us during our course. But it is also possible to complete a few internships abroad during the course. Students have to find their own internship positions abroad.

What I want to do in the future:

The CT internship really impressed me and I felt very well received in the team. After completing my studies, I would really like to work in an emergency department. The vocational internship enables you to gain an impression of professional life and to apply the theory in a practical environment. I chose to study at FH JOANNEUM in Graz because this university of applied sciences offers one of the best courses in radiography. The combination of vocational internships with the theory taught in lectures is another reason.