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Our students complete mandatory internships from the first semester onwards so that they learn how to deal with patients from an early stage. Each internship runs for an average of four weeks. During the first semester the students familiarise themselves with the subject matter with an internship in general radiological diagnostics. Their knowledge of general radiological diagnostics, paediatric radiology and traumatology is deepened during the second semester.

The third semester offers an introductory internship in nuclear medicine, as well as one in computed tomography. The fourth semester is again highly focused on practical work, and our students gain experience in nuclear medicine, computed tomography and radiation therapy. Students also undertake an internship relating to a supplementary subject in their fourth semester, which is often completed abroad.

During the fifth semester our students work in the fields of radiation therapy, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography and interventional radiology. In the sixth semester you will learn more about this field, and about magnetic resonance imaging. Our students also complete a supplemental internship, usually in the same field as their empirical Bachelor's thesis.

Internships are available in public and private hospitals, working with radiologists, in research, or with medical technology companies.

Students talk about their internships