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Software Design & Cloud Computing (FT)

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Internet Technology 1

What is Software Design & Cloud Computing?

Websites, blogs and social media – the Internet is the communication medium of our times. On the Software Design & Cloud Computing Bachelor's degree programme you will deal with the latest information and communication technologies. You will learn about the diversity of the internet, take a pivotal role in modern, digital communications, and actively help shape the Web.

Computer, cloud and network technologies, accessibility, new media and software engineering, are just a few of the areas covered in your studies. You'll also learn to deal with databases, operating systems, servers and mobile applications, not to mention the fundamentals of IT law, digital business processes, and how e-business works. You will combine theory directly with practice in tutorials and projects. In addition to this solid training in the subject matter, you will also have the opportunity to gain international experience with a semester or internship completed abroad. The internship during the sixth semester is a springboard into your future career.

Anyone undertaking their compulsory military or civil service can complete the oftware Design & Cloud Computing programme within the standard timescale. Additionally, Austrian pupils graduating from a secondary technical or vocational college (HTL or BHS) will receive course credits for relevant subjects.

What will I learn?

You will enjoy a solid basic training in the fields of web and cloud technologies, online marketing, IT law, and cluster and server technologies, and can put the theory learned during the programme directly into practice. Projects undertaken during the fourth and fifth semesters also provide the opportunity to specialise in specific topics. They include 3D development, digital audio processing and telecommunications, indoor and outdoor navigation, as well as database connections and special programming languages.

The internship offers you an additional chance to put your knowledge into practice. Optional courses on the subject of Embedded Systems also provide the opportunity to explore software connections for smart technologies.

Web and Cloud Technologies / Cluster and Server Technologies

An important part of your training involves the practical and secure use of clouds and networks. You will learn about the various technologies hidden behind the terms web, cloud, cluster and server in depth, and how they work. Software engineering, cloud computing, usability and configuration management will play a decisive role in the future of the ICT industry. You will learn to create innovative ICT solutions, making you an invaluable resource for employers.

Online Marketing and IT Law

You will study online marketing and its relevant areas of application, with a particular focus on social media. Global communication, user-generated content and multi-media content are the main subject areas, supplemented by topics on community and business. You will also study the legal principles of e-business including domain names, e-commerce law, copyright law, digital signature law, etc.