Department of Building, Energy & Society

Social Work

After Graduation


Career paths

After graduation there is a range of fields available to graduates including working:

  • with children, young people and families
  • with elderly people
  • with people who have a psychological illness or addiction problems
  • with delinquents
  • with homeless people
  • with people affected by disability
  • with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants
  • with people affected by poverty

The professional fields in which our graduates work generally form part of charity organisations and regional authorities. Project-financed social work is also increasingly available. Payment is generally regulated by means of collective agreements such as the BAGS collective agreement of the Association of Employers in the Health and Social Sector.

Many of our graduates are employed as social workers and some begin work straight after completing their internship. If you have acquired sufficient social work experience as part of your internship or other activities, you can continue your studies immediately with the part-time Master’s programme in Social Work at FH JOANNEUM.